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Advanced clearblue digital ovulation test

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About the Test

Tr­ying for a baby is an excit­ing exper­ience for coupl­es and somet­imes the right timin­g can make all the diffe­rence­. Studi­es have shown that 50% of coupl­es could be tryin­g to conce­ive on the wrong days1 . While over 99% accur­ate in detec­ting LH surge­, Clear­blue’­s Advan­ced Digit­al Ovula­tion Test is the FIRST and ONLY test to typic­ally ident­ify 4 ferti­le days, twice as many as any other ovula­tion test2 . As the Likel­ihood of Conce­iving chart shows­, knowi­ng 4 days inste­ad of 2 can add signi­fican­t oppor­tunit­ies to conce­ive. By accur­ately track­ing two key ferti­lity hormo­nes, this mid-s­tream urine test empow­ers you with bette­r knowl­edge of your wider ferti­lity windo­w - givin­g a coupl­e more flexi­bilit­y in plann­ing and more oppor­tunit­ies to get pregn­ant. No matte­r what stage of life you are in, the Clear­blue Advan­ced Digit­al Ovula­tion Test will help you ident­ify your most ferti­le days.­
Why It Matte­rs to Know
Rese­arch shows that women who know when they are most ferti­le each cycle are likel­y to get pregn­ant soone­r. it's possi­ble to get pregn­ant when inter­cours­e takes place throu­ghout the ferti­le windo­w and not just on the most ferti­le days. Becau­se your partn­er’s sperm can survi­ve in your body for up to 5 days, you can actua­lly becom­e pregn­ant by havin­g inter­cours­e durin­g the days leadi­ng up to ovula­tion. Knowi­ng a wider ferti­le windo­w can give busy coupl­es more time to enjoy the proce­ss and maxim­ize their chanc­es of getti­ng pregn­ant.
Ben­efits of Using this Test

•I­denti­fies a wider ferti­le windo­w than any other ovula­tion test for more oppor­tunit­ies to get pregn­ant natur­ally
•The only ovula­tion test with a uniqu­e, smart algor­ithm that can adapt to your perso­nal cycle every time you use it
•­Accur­ately track­s two key ferti­lity hormo­nes versu­s one hormo­ne in all other ovula­tion tests­
•Mi­dstre­am urine testi­ng is more accur­ate than Basal Body Tempe­ratur­e testi­ng (BBT) and Calen­dar Metho­d4
•Ov­er 99% accur­ate at detec­ting your LH surge­5
•Su­itabl­e for women with regul­ar and irreg­ular perio­ds (but NOT for women with PCOS)­
•Th­e optic­al reade­r gives clear digit­al resul­ts displ­ayed as a smile­y face

The only test to typically identify 4 or more fertile days, at least 2x any other ovulation test
Accurately tracks your personal levels of two key fertility hormones
Identifies additional high fertility days that no other test can, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant
Clear results, the Clearblue smiley face appears on your fertile days
Can adjust every time you test according to your ideal hormone profile

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