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Fallout 4 PC Game

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Accra, Sowutuom last stop
GH₵ 10.00

Fallout 4 PC Game is plotted in the era after 200 years have passed the Nuclear Holocaust of 2077. Now you play this game in the post-apocalyptic environment which is somewhat retro-future. This game will cover the region of Boston, Massachusetts and some other parts of New England. This game starts exactly the same day when the bomb dropped on 23rd October 2077. The protagonist goes to take shelter in the Vault 111 and then reappears after 200 years have passed.
The gameplay has been made very precisely and it features more improvement in almost every aspect. This includes new attractive gameplay, base building, and armor system also the dialogue system. There are some enemies which are retained from the precious game and these include mole rats, super mutants, raiders, feral ghouls along with the companion Dogmeat. Dogmeat is immortal and comparably very hard to beat. Altogether you have to survive the consequences put by the Nuclear Holocaust.