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Mounted Offset Disc Harrow

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Having the penetration ability to break down large clods normally left after disc ploughing in hard grounds, it is ideal for chopping and mixing of stubbles and crop residues in the soils. It aerates the soil thereby allowing moisture conservation for longer periods and eradication of weeds.


1. High Quality boron steel discs.
2. Tillage depth of the harrow is 6 inch
3. Easily transportable as it gets easily attached and mounted.
4. Maintenance is easily but needs to be scheduled.
5. Angle can be easily adjustable.

Technical Specifications:

1. No. of Discs: 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20
2. Frame: 75x10mm Angle with 100x50mm channel
3. Gang Bolt: 32mm Central Square Solid Bar With Split Gangs
4. Length: 2030mm - 2280mm
5. Dist. Between Disc: 225mm
6. Disc Diameter (mm): 560/610(Op.)
7. Types of Disc: Notched in Front & Plain in Rear
8. Bearing Hubs (Nos.): 4 / 6 / 8 (Split Gang Arr.)
9. Width of Cut: 1350-2300mm
10. Power Required: 35 - 60 HP
11. App. Weight (Kg): 400 - 575 with 560mm Disc

Price will vary according to No. of Discs of machine.

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