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Norland Detox Pack

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GH₵ 6 200.00

Norland Detox Pro Pack is a multi-functional cleanser that detoxifies key areas of the body, boosting your immune system and keeping you healthy. Norland’s Detox Pro Pack is a combo of a few unique supplements known as magnetical herbal supplements that can help remove harmful toxins from internal organs of the body at once in an effective manner!

Helps turn your body back into a Powerful Self-Healing Machine.
Enhances the body’s self-healing abilities.
Helps prevent major diseases.
Prolongs life-span and fights against aging.


LIVER DISEASES such as Fatty liver, Gall bladder Stone, Cholecystitis, hepatitis, High Cholesterol, Alcoholic liver, Drug Hepatitis, Chloasma, Liver Cirrhosis, Breast Hyperplasia. Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids, etc.

KIDNEY DISEASES like Kidney Deficiency, Kidney Stone (according to the size of the renal calculi), Gout, Prostate Problem, Uremia, Low Sex Drive, etc.

HEART PROBLEMS such as Atherosclerosis, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Viscosity, etc.

LUNG DISEASES such as Tracheitis, Pharyngitis, Interstitial Pneumonia, Silicosis, etc.


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